The Fury and the Sound


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released September 17, 2010



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BRENN Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Fit Of Rage
A broken sun a bleeding hand our world was done before it began a child grows and forms a man what once was old can it be young again in a fit of rage a fit of chance a god in love is burning since a perfect star to light this sky its light was golden before you and i closed the door and drew the blinds you fell asleep i only tried in a fit of rage a fit of chance a god in love is burning since our souls cry can our souls die
Track Name: OS OS (The Follower)
gravity has got its hold on me this blurry shadow leading me around it's time to go enjoy this slippery slope that takes you further than you want to go go follow love we'll take you down pardon me ive made discoveries it seems that you and i are more or less the same these subtleties are worthless remedies for this sweet disease taking over
Track Name: Give Us Gold
stars will fall over us we'll see them all with eyes held shut the cracks and burns of our last life are miles and miles away as we're running blind its all for the way you save me that makes it all for the world we make believe i see it all and i say we never leave here they give us gold and give us love and give us gold the backs of frozen eye lids are all i see
Track Name: Glass On The Water
i'm back out alone do you want to go you're back down to fooling with my heart so now i'm leaving town without a reason and you can follow me out but good luck good luck there's glass on the water it's starting to falter and you feel it too i'm looking out for you alone i'm falling apart here i'm starting to tear at the seams for you are you tearing too at all i'm peeling off this skin on top tell me is what you see exactly what you want or am i bleeding out without a reason i dont ask for much but this time i think i need one
Track Name: Pulling Teeth
pulling teeth is easier than you think tell me i don't need anymore and i'll smile so incomplete convince me i'm a dog on a leash and i'll kill whatever i can reach tell me that i love you and i'll break and believe
Track Name: City Lights
so now you're here it was so wonderful before you appeared i was down for the count you were out with the morning sun still i cling to the thought and i scream at your ghost while you're singing good night and im so far from home and i hate these city lights don't hang around i don't crave your company anymore it's bittersweet out in the darkness surrounded by failing hearts i fall down to my knees and i scream
Track Name: Don't Let This Spider Bite Me
god i feel life getting harder feel like i should have been told please don't let this spider bite me don't let his teeth sink in will i feel it if it did will i swell up will i shut down will i spin around and round will you help me help me spin into the ground god i feel like getting darker is that a devil at my door and i'm coming home
Track Name: Human Nature
all seasons go away what you let go doesn't always find its way home don't give it up till you're sure there's nothing more don't give it up till you can stand alone i'm not a sinner i'm not an angel im not a poetic person by nature i'm on the stage but i don't feel the pressure i'm only human only by nature go on fight another mile just go on give it what you got you might not have the chance to fight tomorrow
Track Name: Feels Like Death
get a long we might as well just get a job that makes you feel like death and it makes you feel like hope is lost inside a car that left the cliff for the rocks below it and it makes you feel like death oh how to lose your soul you take it as it comes and goes and it goes on and on you know the motions on and on you better get control son you better get control son before it comes and goes
Track Name: So Sleep Well
you just started on the house i can't stay here must get out tired sleepless and alone we have to leave before this house is home it don't wait it comes suddenly without a warning we don't care how long it takes we'll leave in the morning so sleep well god understands we're made to collapse into each others hands we take turns but no one's counting darling the time for us is now we can't stay here must get out into a clear blue space with no one else around we'll let our shadows play with their fury and their sound